6. März 1720
Pera nach Wien
Damian Hugo von Virmont
ÖStA, HHStA Wien
Staatenabteilungen, Türkei I
Kt. 187-2, fol. 7r-13v.
Lisa Brunner, Manuela Mayer
Stephan Kurz
Arno Strohmeyer
The planned Ottoman embassy to France has been cancelled. Virmont reports some news from Persia. Virmont is preparing his departure from Constantinople. An exact date has not been given yet. According to the grand vizier, there was a misunderstanding as to the use of calendars. Virmont suspects, that the payment of the soldiers, which will take place on the same day as his departure, shall be delayed as much as possible. The British ambassador told Virmont, that the queen of Sweden is seeking an alliance with the Ottoman Empire against Russia. Virmont encloses some letters adressed to the Ottoman Ambassador in Vienna from the Sublime Port.
Damian Hugo von Virmont an den Hofkriegsrat, Pera, 6. März 1720, bearb. von Manuela Mayer, Lisa Brunner, Datenmodellierung: Jakob Sonnberger, Stephan Kurz, in: Die Großbotschaften Damian Hugo von Virmonts und Ibrahim Pachas (1719/20), hg. von Arno Strohmeyer und Stephan Kurz (Digitale Edition von Quellen zur habsburgisch-osmanischen Diplomatie 1500-1918, hg. von Arno Strohmeyer, Projekt 1), Wien 2022.
Online unter: https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:vipa.l.hbg.17200306