Yasir Yılmaz, Merve Kurkutlu
Yasir Yılmaz
Stephan Kurz
Arno Strohmeyer
decree to the chief judges and other Ottoman administrators located on the road from Istanbul to the border of Transylvania ;
Jewish merchant named Isaac Moshi who is a subject of the Holy Roman Emperor charged recurrent customs fees;
treat merchants as per the conditions of the imperial letter of agreement (ahidname)
Befehlsschreiben des Sultans; Istanbul, 25. Oktober – 3. November 1719, bearb. von Yasir Yılmaz und Merve Kurkutlu, Datenmodellierung: Jakob Sonnberger, Stephan Kurz, in: Die Großbotschaften Damian Hugo von Virmonts und Ibrahim Pachas (1719/20), hg. von Arno Strohmeyer und Stephan Kurz (Digitale Edition von Quellen zur habsburgisch-osmanischen Diplomatie 1500-1918, hg. von Arno Strohmeyer, Projekt 1), Wien 2022.
Online unter: https://gams.uni-graz.at/o:vipa.ded.osm.17191025-17191103.1
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